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Category: Skin Care

Get Glowing Skin Before Summer’s End

Posted August 09, 2018

Summer is a perfect time to rejuvenate ourselves in every sense of the word. It is a time to relax and separate ourselves from the stressful rigors of everyday life. It is also the season when you tend to see the friends and family closest to you. And whether it be for a family wedding or backyard barbeque, this relaxed state of mind deserves to be accompanied with a refreshed and glowing complexion. The HydraFacial MD® Elite with Perk™ is the perfect preparation for any special summer occasion, as it instantly brightens and hydrates your skin for a more youthful-looking you.

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Top Tips for Combatting the Signs of Aging

Posted May 15, 2016

Everyone wants to look younger. While you can’t stop the hands of time, you can take steps to reduce the signs of aging, keeping you looking youthful and refreshed. North Shore Aesthetics helps countless clients maintain a young, healthy glow. Through our years of experience, we have gathered the best tips to help you combat the signs of aging.

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Harsh Northbrook Winter Weather & Your Face: Getting a Chemical Peel

Posted March 15, 2016

If you have lived in Northbrook during the winter, you know that the weather can be extreme. The cold winds can whip against your skin and cause it to become dry, red, and chapped. Did you know that continual exposure to the harsh winter could damage your skin? North Shore Aesthetics can assist you with our youth-preserving chemical peels. While a chemical peel sounds a bit unnerving, the process is easy and stress-free.

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Scars 101: What you need to know

Posted May 12, 2015

Working for two plastic surgeons, I come across a fair amount of scars. Post-surgical, acne, keloid, burns, and traumatic lacerations. Each is as unique as the patient and each requires a different treatment plan.

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Visia: The Aesthetician’s Guidebook

Posted May 08, 2015

Imagine that you are 20 years old again on Spring Break in Cancun with your friends. Its 81 degrees outside, the sun is shining …Did you put SPF on your face AND your whole body? Chances are, you did not. You probably wanted to be tan like all of your friends.

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Clarisonic: Friend or Foe?

Posted May 06, 2015

Clarisonic is one of the most popular facial brushes on the market. It can greatly benefit and enhance the condition of the skin, but it can also do damage if not used correctly. Let’s explore what Clarisonic was designed for and some of the DO’s and DON’Ts of this beauty tool.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Retinoids

Posted May 04, 2015

Almost every skin-savvy person has heard of the infamous retinol (Vitamin A) and the great things it can do for your skin. But did you know that there are many different forms of this wrinkle fighting vitamin? How are you supposed to know which is just right for your skin?

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