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Renuvion™ Skin Tightening in Chicago

One of the most crushing hits to our self-esteem comes from our aging and sagging skin. Skin laxity is an undesirable, though guaranteed, side effect of growing old, and for years it has been difficult to combat without undergoing invasive surgery. Fortunately, those days of invasive surgery may be gone. Renuvion™, formerly known as J-Plasma®, combats unwanted skin laxity on the stomach, neck, back, arms, and legs through a combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy. North Shore Aesthetics now offers this non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure as a possible alternative to a tummy tuck, neck lift, arm lift, and gynecomastia surgery.

What Is Renuvion™?

Renuvion™ is a skin tightening system that combines the properties of cold helium plasma with RF energy. As helium gas passes through an energized electrode, it creates cold helium plasma. When this plasma combines with RF energy, it tightens the skin to create a more youthful appearance and enhance confidence. During treatment, the Renuvion™ handpiece also evenly administers the plasma energy to the treatment area, which safely heats the tissue and stimulates collagen production.

How Does Renuvion™ Differ From Other Procedures?

Because of the cool helium plasma used with the Renuvion™ skin tightening system, skin is heated at a lower temperature than other lasers. This lower temperature allows for precise treatments and also lessens the possibility of harm and trauma to the surrounding tissue. These reasons make the minimally invasive Renuvion™ system one of the safest procedures available to tighten skin.

How Can Renuvion™ Help Me?

Renuvion™ is ideal for patients who are struggling with insecurities brought on by the appearance of skin laxity. Patients with mild to moderate skin laxity that may have been recommended for a neck lift, arm lift, or tummy tuck are ideal for the Renuvion™ treatment. This revolutionary procedure offers relief from skin laxity concerns without invasive surgery, scarring, surgical risks, or lengthy recovery periods. Your Renuvion™ results become visible immediately after the procedure and continue to improve over the following three to six months. Patients may experience mild bruising and swelling during the first week of recovery, and over-the-counter medication can easily manage any temporary discomfort.

The Perfect Addition to Liposuction

Although Renuvion™ can be a standalone treatment, Dr. Schlechter also recommends it as an excellent addition to liposuction. Liposuction is excellent for removing unwanted pockets of fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, back, chest, and neck. However, liposuction alone cannot address skin laxity. Now, when paired with liposuction, Renuvion™ can give you stunning results similar to a tummy tuck, arm lift, neck lift, body contouring, or gynecomastia surgery but with a less invasive procedure.

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