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North Shore Aesthetics MedSpa

A MedSpa Like No Other

Benjamin Schlechter M.D. has brought to The Spa at North Shore Aesthetics his years of experience and success in the Medical Day Spa industry. In Chicago, North Shore Aesthetics, remains one of a select few medical spas owned and operated by a Plastic Surgeon that has the doctor on site the majority of the time. What this means to the patient is the comfort in knowing that there is a Plastic Surgeon present and overseeing the spa services.

Dr. Schlechter is very particular, not only in the services he chooses to offer, but also in the estheticians providing the services. Even an experienced esthetician will receive extensive training initially, prior to being allowed to perform any services. They also receive ongoing education and certifications to keep them on the cutting edge of technology, products and services available in the industry. The Spa at North Shore Aesthetics truly is a “MedSpa Like No Other”.

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Relax and Rejuvenate

Our goal for you is simple…we want to educate you and be a partner in helping your look and feel your best. Beautiful skin won’t stay that way as you age unless you attend to it and our job is to help you keep it looking beautiful!

Our experienced licensed estheticians will guide you to the best options for your specific skincare needs, including:

  • Improving Your Skin Health
  • Effective Acne Treatments
  • The Latest in Anti-Aging Treatments
  • Removing Hyperpigmentation
  • Relieving Signs of Rosacea

Whether you are simply looking for a nice relaxing service, answers to a skincare concern, or looking for a cosmetic surgery procedure, our dedicated team is here to help guide you.

Schedule a Complimentary New Client Consultation, including a digital skin analysis, customized mini facial and consultation with our licensed esthetician.

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MedSpa Services

We have curated a full menu of skincare services with you in mind, using world-renowned products to ensure your satisfaction. Our menu of services is designed to provide a more youthful and rejuvenated complexion and includes over 20 facials, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, peels, microneedling, and laser treatments.

We offer a wide range of laser treatments to build collagen, address rosacea and visible vessels, reduce acne scars, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles as well as unwanted hair.

To learn more about our treatment options for your personal needs, contact us by completing the form below or calling us at (847) 393-4770. Our licensed esthetician will work as your partner, laying out your options to assist you with your skincare needs.

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Our Skilled Esthetician

Over the years we have learned that not every makeover needs to be extreme. In fact, many patients prefer a gentler approach to looking their best. Our estheticians are taught to present an array of options to treat a given skin condition ranging from the least aggressive—topical skincare products, to the most aggressive—lasers or surgical options and everything in between. We find this lets the patients select what best suits their budget and their timeframe for results and downtime.

Our service providers understand Dr. Schlechter’s approach that educating the patients on skincare is a top priority. By combining more traditional spa services with results-oriented advanced skin care procedures and products, we can deliver medical esthetics while we pamper and indulge you!

Our goal is to provide cutting-edge skincare and laser services for men women and adolescents in a luxurious spa setting.

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Pre and Post Surgery Skincare

During his over 28 years in the medical spa industry, Dr. Schlechter has developed pre- and post-operative skin care protocols for several of the cosmetic procedures he performs. Often the goal is to prepare the skin for the procedure, not only to enhance the results, but also to help with the healing process.

All cosmetic surgery patients are given a complimentary spa service specifically chosen by the doctor to enhance and prolong the surgical results. If the procedure does not warrant a specific spa service, the patient is treated with a customized facial. It is no coincidence that many of our plastic surgery patients continue as long-term clients of the spa.

Start your journey to a more confidant, more vibrant you at North Shore Aesthetics.

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