Labiaplasty Surgery

Many women are born with enlarged or irregular labia (the small outside lips on the genitals). There is a also a sector of the female population who develop the condition after childbirth, or as they age. Adult women of all ages are seeking to have the condition corrected for a variety of reasons. For some they have chronic irritation in the area, especially for those who wear tight clothing. There are some who believe the increase in the number of labiaplasties being performed on younger women is related to the tighter clothing being worn by the younger generation. Many women describe an embarrassment in the appearance of the enlarged labia and loss of self-esteem, especially in intimate situations. Still other woman simply choose to have the labiaplasty procedure just because of the aesthetics, they want them to look prettier, and by more perfect and symmetrical. No matter what the reason, if you suffer from this condition the good news is, the labiaplasty is simple surgical procedure, safely performed on women all over the country by plastic surgeons every day.

Labiaplasty Surgery Patient Before


Labiaplasty Surgery Surgery Patient After


Labiaplasty Surgery Patient Before


Labiaplasty Surgery Patient After


The Procedure

Our plastic surgeon performs Labiaplasty in the privacy of our in-office surgical suite, either under I.V. sedation, for those who want to be asleep, or under local sedation. The procedure takes an hour, and woman who choose to have local sedation often drive themselves home following the procedure. The patients describe the recovery as mildly uncomfortable, and are prescribed pain medication as needed. There is swelling in the area that can last for a couple of weeks. The sutures the doctor uses are absorbable, and dissolve in most patients in a couple of weeks, but they will vary based on individual healing. Patients can return to work in a day or two, unless their job involves strenuous physical activity from which they must refrain for a couple of weeks. Sexual activity is resumed in 4-6 weeks depending on the patient. The small incision scar heals and ends up barely visible once it matures. Labiaplasty once an infrequently performed procedure, has become quite popular and grown in acceptance in recent years. Our board certified plastic surgeon treats patients from the tri-state area who seek out our practice for the level of expertise with this procedure and affordability.

Dr Benjamin Schlecter and staff did an amazing job throughout the entire process and I could not be more pleased with the results of my rinoplasty


Am I a good candidate?

Most women who have enlarged or irregular labia minora are candidates for the procedure. Women who have pain or persistent irritation form the condition are ideal candidates, and often find tremendous relief after having the surgery. The patient must be 18 years or older, and have reasonable expectations for the results. Our doctor does not perform other vaginal rejuvenation procedures other than a hoodectomy. If you want extensive rejuvenation beyond labiaplasty, and hoodectomy, seek a specialist in that area of surgery. Candidates must be willing to follow all post-operative instructions regarding, physical activity, and sexual activity, or they compromise the results of the procedure. While it is an awkward subject, it is best to come in and have a complimentary consultation with our doctor, to discuss if Labiaplasty is right for you. You will be pleasantly surprised at how at ease he makes you feel during the consult, and comfortable with your decision to have this delicate procedure.

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The Recovery

The recovery from a labiaplasty is better than most patients expect. The doctor explains that because of the good blood supply to the area, the healing process for most goes quickly and smoothly. The key to this is again compliance with the post-surgical instructions. The stitches can be a little irritating as they are healing and dissolving, but we have tricks to help reduce that discomfort. You will see the doctor a couple of times the month following surgery, and then the visits are less frequent. By six weeks most patients have been released by the doctor to resume all of their normal activities.

Frequently asked questions

If I haven’t had children yet, is there any reason not to have a labiaplasty?

There is no difference between having the procedure before or after child bearing is over. The only issue is whether or not the labia are enlarged or abnormal.

Does having a labiaplasty impact sexual sensitivity?

The labia are not directly associated with sexual sensitivity, however removing the excess labia skin can reduce pain during intercourse.

What is the difference between hoodectomy and labiaplasty?

The hoodectomy alters the tissue around the clitoris. It is a separate procedure associated with increasing sexual sensitivity. The labiaplasty simply reduces the size or reshape the labia, and is not performed to increase sexual sensitivity.

Terms to Know

Local Sedation – If the patient chooses local sedation, the area being treated is injected with lidocaine to numb the area prior to beginning the procedure. The patient is awake and will feel the initial pinch of the injection. The area is completely draped so the patient is not able to see any of the procedure being performed.

Vaginal Rejuvenation – This involves having a labiaplasty combined with a Vaginoplasty which tightens the opening. Women often seek this type of rejuvenation after child bearing years. Our doctor does not perform vaginoplasty.