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North Shore Aesthetics

North Shore Aesthetics and The Spa at North Shore Aesthetics encompass 4500 square feet of the single story office condominium complex at River Park located off of Techny Road in Northbrook, Illinois. The secluded location provides patient privacy, whether you are seeking a consultation or having a surgical procedure. There is also ample parking for our patients in front of the office.

Office Northshore plastic surgery

Dr. Schlechter has succeeded in creating an upscale inviting atmosphere, which is evident the minute you enter the lobby. Patients are quick to comment that they like the fact that it does not feel like the typical “cold” doctor’s office environment. North Shore Aesthetics facility is reflective of our goal to be a cut above the competition.

Our waiting room is equipped with a television often showing videos of a popular or new procedure. There is an array of literature and magazines for further patient education. We strive to keep the wait times to a minimum, but as with most medical offices there is an occasional emergency that may cause a small wait, but know that our waiting room is a comfortable place for our patients.

Once inside our exam rooms, you meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss your cosmetic goals and concerns, or get treated for a medical concern. Each room is equipped with the best equipment available. Dr. Schlechter prides himself on how he conducts the cosmetic consult, making sure to listen to the patient’s concerns and then discuss – in detail – all surgical and non-surgical options for enhancing a patient’s appearance, while at the same time not overwhelming them with options.

Our friendly staff will help the process—whether you need to meet with the Cosmetic Coordinator to review the procedures discussed with the doctor, or need to schedule a medical procedure or post-operative appointment, the staff are there to ease the process. Each employee receives continuous education and training as needed to make them the best at the job. The Cosmetic Coordinators will walk you through the financing and scheduling of your surgery, and be there with you at your pre-operative appointment, the day of your surgery, and throughout your post-operative experience.

Our In-Office Surgical Suite

North Shore Aesthetics has a newly built operating suite attached to the office, which features a state-of-the-art operating room, a private patient locker room and rest room, a nurse’s station, and a recovery area. It far exceeds the guidelines for the AAASF accreditation it holds. Our surgical suite is reserved for cosmetic procedures and surgeries, medical surgeries are performed in the hospital.

On the day of your surgery, the Cosmetic Coordinator greets you and is there to make sure all of your needs are met, and that the experience in our facility is a pleasant one. You will be escorted to the patient locker room to change into a surgical gown covered by a luxurious silk robe and slippers. It is here that you will meet with the anesthetist to go over last minute questions and review what to expect. They have already reviewed your medical history and spoken to you over the phone prior to the surgery day. Once in the operating room, you will be prepped for the surgery, and then before you know it you will be asleep, only to awaken in recovery sometime later to find out the procedure is complete and was successful. You remain in the post-operative care area until you are ready to go home. The post-operative instructions are reviewed again at this time, as the Cosmetic Coordinator has already gone over them with you. If there is a concern about seeing anyone in the office we have a back exit through which cosmetic patients can leave following surgery.

To learn more about how Dr. Schlechter can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, call us today at (847) 393-4770 to schedule an appointment.

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