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  • Dr. Schlechter is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, with five years of training in general surgery before completing his plastic surgery residency. This gives the patients a level of comfort knowing that he is ready to handle any situation that may arise in the operating room.
  • With many of the cosmetic and surgical procedures performed by the doctors patients can return to work within a few days. There are some restrictions for lifting and bending in most cases. Rapid recovery is often due to the skill of the surgeon, and patients do not need to be heavily medicated for days with most procedures.
  • North Shore Aesthetics has a brand new In-Office Surgical Suite accredited by AAASF. It also meets the standards for a state regulated facility, although Illinois does not require it. However, Dr. Schlechter wanted to build his suite to meet the most stringent criteria. Patient safety is a top priority, and this lets our patients know that the operating suite where their surgery is performed has been and continues to be inspected.  All cosmetic procedures are performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia depending on the doctor and the procedure being performed.
  • Unlike many of his competitors, Dr. Schlechter has never implemented physician extenders such as a Physician Assistants or Nurse Practioners into his practice. He feels that the surgeon should be the one to see all patients post operatively, not only because they have paid for his expertise, but also because the doctor is best trained to identify potential problems. He does not want to leave it to a medical assistant or nurse to determine if there is an infection or something requiring his attention. The result is outstanding patient care, and he sees a lot of patients because he does all of the post-operative appointments. He feels this approach is what is best for the patients.
  • Dr. Schlechter performs all of the injections and fillers. While many have employed nurses and others to do the injections in their medical practice, Dr. Schlechter feels the patient is best served when in the hands of the most skilled individual. It is important to understand that there are several things that can go wrong with an injection if not performed properly, including facial paralysis and even death. When performing a facelift, plastic surgeons see where every nerve and muscle is, and that is why they are best trained to use the BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers to provide the desired results.
  • Our cosmetic consultations are complimentary and include time with the doctor. Our philosophy is that the patient-doctor relationship is an extremely important factor to consider when selecting where to have your procedure performed. In most cases patients will first speak with a coordinator prior to meeting with the doctor in person to gather information, address common questions, and set a date and time for their consultation.
  • All cosmetic surgery patients are given a complimentary spa service to enhance the results of their procedure. If no service is required such as with breast procedures they are treated to a custom facial. We also have many protocols for pre- and post-operative skincare, most of which are elective to the patient, but highly recommended for certain procedures.
  • We have several technologies to help with scar management. One or two of the laser treatments may be given as the complimentary spa service in place of the facial.

We Offer:

  • Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Rapid Recovery: Return to Work in a Few Days
  • Accredited In-Office Surgery Suite
  • No Use of Physician Extenders

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Dr. Benjamin Schlechter brings over 20 years of experience in Plastic Reconstructive and Hand Surgery to the Chicago area. His artistry and skill in the operating room and beyond have gained him recognition from both peers and patients. Dr. Schlechter’s compassion for his patients is unparalleled, as he makes himself available to his patients well beyond the scheduled patient hours when needed, including evenings and weekends. He offers his cosmetic and medical patients the best care available. Dr. Schlechter attends continuing education seminars on a regular basis to ensure he is offering the latest and best techniques available.

To learn more about how Dr. Schlechter can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, call us today at (847) 737-5036 to schedule an appointment.

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