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Clarisonic: Friend or Foe?

Posted in Skin Care

Clarisonic is one of the most popular facial brushes on the market. It can greatly benefit and enhance the condition of the skin, but it can also do damage if not used correctly. Let’s explore what Clarisonic was designed for and some of the DO’s and DON’Ts of this beauty tool.
The Clarisonic brush was designed to provide a deep cleanse to the skin. Its bristles use sonic oscillation to loosen up dirt and debris and provide a factor of exfoliation. Regular use of Clarisonic will provide skin with higher cleansing and absorption efficacy.
Brush heads are changeable and regular cleaning is required. The brush heads are made for specific skin types ranging from sensitive, deep pore, acne, body, and even a pedicure brush. Clarisonic has recently released a new brush called the LUXE cashmere that is made to help relieve extremely dry skin and targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Clarisonic DO’s

  • Do use with cleanser
  • Do use for 60 seconds
  • Do use 2-3x a week
  • Do clean after each use
  • Do change brush head every 3 months

With correct use of the Clarisonic, one can improve the texture of the skin. I partially love this brush for patients who have congestion and skin cell build up. It can help to remove excess oil and sebum that get trapped in pores, and provide a better cleaning than just using your hands to cleanse. When used with an aesthetician-prescribed cleanser, it can greatly enhance the skin and give you a glow. For ALL skin types, Clarisonic should be used as if it is a special “treatment” to the skin, as it is very easy to over use it and cause trauma to your tissues.
Now let’s discuss some of the common mistakes associated with using the Clarisonic.

Clarisonic DON’Ts

  • Don’t use everyday
  • Don’t forget to clean after each use
  • Don’t use if you have Rosacea (Too Irritating)
  • Don’t keep in the shower (It will get MOLDY)
  • Don’t use in conjunction with a scrub (That’s too much exfoliation)

Clarisonic is a great beauty tool when used in moderation and is kept very clean. If you feel that it is too much maintenance to care for your Clarisonic or if you are not a good candidate to use one, you may consider seeing your Aesthetician on a regular basis for safe routine exfoliation treatments.