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Visia: The Aesthetician’s Guidebook

Posted in Skin Care

Imagine that you are 20 years old again on Spring Break in Cancun with your friends. Its 81 degrees outside, the sun is shining …Did you put SPF on your face AND your whole body? Chances are, you did not. You probably wanted to be tan like all of your friends.

So now, 10 years and several sun burns later, you are noticing more spots on your face than you used to have, starting to see some lines around your eyes, and your forehead is wrinkled. What the heck happened?

Have you ever wondered how extensive that sun damage your seeing is? Or what kind of wrinkles have formed and why? There are so many questions to ask when it comes to the skin and the state of its health.

Now thanks to Visia Digital Skin Analysis, you can visibly SEE what is actually going on in your skin from the inside out.

Visia Skin Analysis takes multiple pictures of the face in different light spectrums. It then captures key visual information of your skin and provides a thorough analysis. Once your picture has been taken, the analyzing begins. Basically it breaks down the facial skin into 8 different categories.

  1. Skin Surface Pigmentation
  2. Pore Size
  3. Bacteria in the pores
  4. UV Spots
  5. Photo Damage
  6. Texture
  7. Wrinkles
  8. Facial Redness

The Visia is considered an Aestheticians Bible because it not only helps keep track of the skins progress, but it also helps develop a customized regimen fit only for your skin. Tracking skin conditions is simple and easy to understand with Visia. Product and treatment recommendations are made after the analysis has been performed.

As you go through treatments and use a consistent regimen at home, Visia pictures will be taken and analyzed. It is always rewarding to physically see improvements in the skin and Visia makes this visual possible.

If you have ever had a question about your skin, have a history of sun tanning, or have noticed changes in your skin, I strongly urge you to go get your Visia taken and educate yourself. Personally, once I saw the extent of my sun damage, I knew I had to make a change. Not only do I wear SPF every single day now, but I also use products with powerful anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C to repair the damage already done.

Call us at North Shore Aesthetics (847) 737-5036 to schedule your Visia Digital Skin Analysis today!