Breast Revision Surgery in Chicago

What Is Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast revision surgery is a subsequent surgery performed after breast augmentation or another breast surgery. Most commonly, breast revision is associated with the replacement or removal of breast implants and the correction of either surgical complications or poor surgical technique. This procedure can help women achieve more desirable results and resolve unwanted complications resulting from a previous breast surgery.

The Benefits of Breast Revision

  • Improves the results of previous breast surgery
  • Corrects surgical complications
  • Helps patients realize their aesthetic goals
  • Enhances breast appearance
  • Strengthens self-image and confidence

Common Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is when excess scar tissue forms around the breast implant, causing pain and hardness of the breast. The breast may appear noticeably deformed. Breast revision surgery will replace the implant in the affected breast and remove the hardened scar tissue.
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Ruptured Breast Implant

If the integrity of a breast implant shell is compromised, the implant will rupture or deflate. Surgical removal and replacement of the implant is necessary, along with removal of any loose silicone.
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Double Bubble Deformity

Double bubble deformity is when a ridge of breast tissue appears at the bottom of the breast. The result is that the breast appears to rest on top of the implant, forming what appears as two bubbles. Breast revision surgery will move the implant to a more favorable position and adjust the breast tissues to prevent this complication from recurring.
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Breast Implant Exchange

Unsatisfactory results after breast augmentation may prompt some women to pursue implant exchange. Implant exchange can replace existing implants with implants that are a smaller size, larger size, different shape, or entirely different type.
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Bottoming Out

Bottoming out is when the implants are placed either too low or too lateral in relation to the position of the nipple. The result is that the implants appear to plummet below the breast crease. Corrective surgery will tighten the tissues on the underside of the breasts and improve the placement of the implants. This can also result from the skin envelope not being able to support the implant.
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Implant Explant

Some women may require or desire permanent removal of the breast implants. Breast revision surgery can remove the implants and adjust the breast tissues to create the best aesthetic results after an implant explant.
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Lift and Reduction Revision

While most breast revision surgeries are performed after breast augmentation, some may be performed after a breast lift or breast reduction. Breast revision surgery can correct relaxation of the tissues and produce better aesthetic results.
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Your Breast Revision Surgery

The details of your breast revision surgery will be determined by your reason for undergoing the procedure. One or a combination of surgical techniques may be used, such as the following:

  • Capsulectomy: Dr. Schlechter will surgically remove some or all of the scar tissue surrounding the implant. This technique is required to correct capsular contracture and other similar complications.
  • Implant Exchange: In most breast revision procedures, implants are exchanged for new ones. These may be the same style and size, or they may be a different style and/or size.
  • Pocket Adjustment: Some of the concerns listed above can be corrected with adjustment of the breast pocket, which may include tightening, repositioning, and further manipulation of the breast tissues.
  • Breast Implant Placement Change: The implants can be moved from above to below the pectoral muscles or vice versa to achieve more desirable results.
  • Breast Lift Surgery: A breast lift may accompany breast revision if necessary. Dr. Schlechter will surgically lift the sagging breast tissue and may also reduce the size of the areolas.


While some surgical complications cannot be prevented or predicted, Dr. Schlechter does everything within his power to minimize your risk. His expertise in performing breast revision surgery completely resolves most surgical complications with minimal chance of recurrence.
In addition to those previously mentioned, there are many other reasons for undergoing breast revision surgery. These include (but are not limited to):
  • Implant asymmetry (where one breast implant is noticeably higher or larger than the other)
  • Symmastia (also called “uniboob,” where the breasts shift toward the center)
  • Poor implant placement
  • Poor implant selection (for example, implants that create a large space between the breasts)
  • “Snoopy deformity” (where the areolas are too large)
  • Tubular breasts (which requires careful planning to achieve favorable results)
  • Insufficient correction of pre-existing breast asymmetry
  • Implant wrinkling or rippling that can be seen or felt (especially when leaning forward)
Breast revision surgery can address these and other concerns. Dr. Schlechter will outline in detail what options are available to you to resolve these problems.
Candidates for breast revision surgery are either unhappy with the results of their previous procedure or have experienced surgical complications. If you are not certain whether you should undergo breast revision surgery, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Schlechter. Dr. Schlechter will discuss the potential results and possibilities for your case and help you determine whether this procedure is right for you.
Your recovery after breast revision surgery may be easier than your recovery after breast augmentation because the breast pocket is already formed. However, if your surgical technique includes a breast lift, your recovery may be more involved. Most patients will be able to return to non-strenuous work responsibilities after approximately four days. All patients should avoid bending, lifting, and strenuous activities for several weeks. Exercise can be resumed with the approval of the doctor.
Depending on your implant manufacturer and when your implants were inserted, you may be eligible for some coverage for your breast revision. For example, a deflated or ruptured implant is problematic, and therefore, implant replacement may be covered with financial assistance for some of the fees associated with breast revision surgery. Certain manufacturers may also offer some coverage in the event of severe capsular contracture. Medical insurance companies do not cover breast revision surgery except as related to breast reconstruction after breast cancer. Most breast revision surgeries must be paid for out of pocket. At North Shore Aesthetics in Chicago, we offer patient financing options to help cover the cost of surgery.
Breast revision surgery can produce excellent surgical results. While some women may experience recurrent surgical complications, Dr. Schlechter uses meticulous technique and is well-respected for his low rate of capsular contracture (under one percent). Patients who maintain realistic goals, are open with Dr. Schlechter regarding their desires, and follow Dr. Schlechter’s recovery recommendations can experience satisfying, beautiful results after breast revision surgery.

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