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Laser Skin Rejuvenation – PicoSure® by CYNOSURE

Laser Skin Rejuvenation with the PicoSure® by CYNOSURE

North Shore Aesthetics is proud to provide treatments with the PicoSure® laser.

The PicoSure® Focus Lens Array is the only picosecond laser with the ability to treat both pigmented lesions, acne-scars, and wrinkles. This impressive laser technology system is the world’s first picosecond laser and has been used to effectively treat over half a million patients worldwide.

picosure by cynosure

What Makes the PicoSure® Laser Unique?

PicoSure® utilizes a 755nm wavelength to treat a variety of pigmentary skin conditions. The Focus Lens Array activates a process called “cell signaling” that generates natural skin-refreshing processes in the body.

This unique technology allows for a gentle, non-thermal (no significant heat) treatment that offers incomparable results with less treatments.

PicoSure® Focus Lens Array for Skin Revitalization

When we age, that support structure weakens, forming wrinkles or textural issues. Revitalization treatments use powerful laser technology to refresh the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

The heat energy applied to the skin with the laser acts fast to minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin on various areas of the body, such as the neck, cheeks, hands, and arms. It can also smooth away smokers’ lines around your mouth, and reduce crow’s feet around your eyes.

PicoSure® Focus also treats acne scarring, hyperpigmentation from sun exposure and aging, enlarged pores, pigmented lesions.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation with the PicoSure® by CYNOSURE

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Treatments with the PicoSure® Will I Need?

    Typically, three or four skin rejuventation treatments with the PicoSure® are necessary. We may recommend anywhere between two to six depending on your specific needs and desired results.

    You may also need to come back later for maintenance treatments.

    A consultation with our experienced esthetician or our medical director, Dr. Benjamin Schlecter, will determine the suggested number of treatments, the space between treatments, and give you the information to know what the procedures entail.

  • What does the PicoSure® Focus procedure include?

    For rejuvenating the skin, the PicoSure® FOCUS™ Lens Array procedure involves pulsing light to the skin in the area needing revitalization, which diminishes the discoloration or age lines on the face or body.

    Prior to receiving each treatment, you have the option to have a topical numbing agent administered to ensure a positive, comfortable experience.

    The Focus Lens Array delivers 20 times the energy density of a normal PicoSure® pulse to begin activating cell signaling. Cynosure’s Focus Lens Array precisely redistributes 755nm energy to create microscopic, photomechanical reactions in the epidermis that communicate with the dermis. This process initiates a natural healing response leading to increased collagen and elastin in the skin.

    Each treatment takes approximately 45 or less minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

  • What is Recovery from the PicoSure® Focus Like?

    Post-procedure downtime is minimal. Normally, in just a few hours the redness and swelling have subsided. We ask that you be gentle in your activity over the next few days after your treatment to not irritate your skin. You will receive specific instructions for optimal results.

  • How Soon Will I See Results?

    Immediately, you will see some redness and experience some swelling which should subside in a few hours. After a few weeks, you should see visibly noticeable results.

Experience the latest technologies in laser skin rejuvenation at the MedSpa at North Shore Aesthetics.

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