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Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring

What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is a method of hair removal that originated in ancient Egypt. There are similarities to waxing methods but the benefits of sugaring far outweigh those of waxing.

In a sugaring session, a warm paste of sugar is applied to the skin by hand in a very specific technique by a qualified, certified practitioner and then immediately taken back up into the hand without the need for strips. The same handful of sugar is used for an entire process, eliminating waste of supply or the risk of contamination to the virgin product in the container.

Benefits of Body Sugaring

  • Sugar paste is simple, the ingredients are recognizable: Sugar, water, lemon
  • Sugar does not stick to live skin cells which means momentary redness, not hours, plus sugar can be reapplied over the same area to remove stubborn hairs without risk of skin injury.
  • Sugar is 100% water-soluble; no need for solvents for removal and no sticky residues.
  • Sugar is placed onto the skin by hand at a lukewarm temperature so no burning. The practitioner knows the heat level as it is in their hand before it touches your skin.
  • Sugaring is 100% hygienic; no double dipping and sugar is naturally anti-microbial.
  • Sugar is perfect for men and women, all hair and skin types, all body parts.
  • Sugar needs shorter hair lengths to be effective; no need to wait three weeks to address regrowth. Ideal hair length is between 1/8 and¼ inch but even hairs of 1/16 inch are often removable.

The Difference: Sugar vs. Wax

Sugaring is very different from waxing. Sugaring unwanted facial and body hair requires an entirely different mind-set and approach from waxing. Wax adheres to live skin cells, sugar does not.

How Sugaring Works

Unlike waxing, sugar paste never forms a resin-like bond to skin cells, allowing it to exfoliate only dead cells, leaving skin intact. Sugar is easily removed from skin and fabric with water so any need to remove from unwanted places is possible leaving no residue.

Sugaring is also often able to help heal areas affected by waxing by training trapped hairs to look for the surface, eventually extracting them properly without breakage and reducing the itch, irritation and pimples that are associated with ingrown hairs.

What to Expect During Your Sugaring Service

Sugar is held in the practitioner’s hand, dipped straight from the container with their hand, making the practitioner the one that must endure the temperature test. Sugar is heated to just above body temperature, feeling very enjoyable and remaining extremely pliable from simple body heat.

When applied to the treatment area, sugar adheres only to dead skin cells and hair, not the actual live skin. The skin naturally releases moisture and will dissolve any sugar that is applied to it.

Sugaring extracts hairs in the same direction that they grow. It is not necessary to pull against the hair growth, potentially breaking hair and causing undue pain and inflammation. Sugar allows the hair to come out unbroken and pain and inflammation is greatly reduced.

Additionally, sugar warms and thins with body heat, allowing it to seep into the hair follicle and shrink-wrap around the hair at a deeper level. This is also how sugar is able to coax out hairs that may be trapped from breakage at previous wax appointments.

Experience easier, eco-friendly hair removal with a body sugaring treatment at the MedSpa at North Shore Aesthetics.

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