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Before & After Photos: Checking Your Surgeon’s Past Work

Posted in Plastic Surgery Preparation

Before & After Photos: Checking Your Surgeon's Past WorkWhen you are deciding on which plastic surgeon to use for your procedure, you likely will start to look at their before and after photos. Before and after photos are a great way to see the results they can achieve and if they are in alignment with your personal appearance goals. With most surgeons having a website, accessing before and after photos is easy. However, there are some specific things you need to look for as you glance through their albums of past patients. Here is a quick guide on how to check your surgeon’s past work with before and after photos.

Think About Body Type

When you are looking through photos of past patients, try to find people that look like you. You want to look for past patients with similar facial structure, body shape, and size. This can give you a clear and realistic expectation of the results you can expect.

Analyze Likes and Dislikes

When looking through the photos, make note of things you like and dislike. Write them down on a separate piece of paper. Printing out the photos and making notes directly can help you immensely during your consultation. Plastic surgeons are very visual (with good reason), so having photos alongside your preferences can help get the results you want.

Be Realistic

While plastic surgeons are incredibly talented, they specialize in giving you natural looking results. Sometimes these are small changes that can have a big impact on your overall appearance. Make sure your expectations are realistic and attainable.

Ask Questions

If you have questions regarding any of the before and after photos, make sure to ask during your consultation. A plastic surgeon should be happy to discuss their past work and be open about their experience.

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