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Plastic Surgeon in Lincolnwood


Not being happy with the way you look can impact more than just your self-esteem; it can have a negative effect on your relationships and even your professional life. Being confident is the key to achieving anything you put your mind to. Sometimes you need the help of a trustworthy plastic surgeon in Lincolnwood. Dr. Schlechter is dedicated board-certified surgeons with the skill to bring your vision into reality. We know the decision to have any procedure done comes with a lot of stress, excitement, and consideration. Come visit our team at North Shore Aesthetics and let us assist you in achieving that perfect look.

How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation

Before going to see a Lincolnwood plastic surgeon, many people go online to do some preliminary research. While there is a lot of great information online, there can be some misinformation and bad advice too. The best way to get accurate answers is to go see a plastic surgeon in person. Here are a few ways you can prepare for your initial consultation:

  • Gather any medical history, medication lists, or information on health problems you may have.
  • Write down all your questions prior to arriving at the office.
  • Research financing options or ask the surgeon about their offers.
  • Determine how much time you can take off work in order to go through the procedure.

You don’t have to walk into a consultation knowing everything you want. It is a meeting to discuss options, ask questions, and determine the next step. Call (847) 737-5036 today to speak to our plastic surgeon in Lincolnwood!

About Lincolnwood

Lincolnwood is a village located near the North Shore of Chicago. Full of historical sites, Lincolnwood is a tight-knit and family-based area with a large recreation department, excellent shopping at Lincolnwood Town Center, and great schools. North Shore Aesthetics is proud to be a part of the fantastic Lincolnwood community and provide unmatched quality plastic surgery services.

For more information regarding a plastic surgeon in Lincolnwood, Contact Dr. Schlechter at North Shore Aesthetics. Call (847) 737-5036 to schedule your consultation today!

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