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Plastic Surgeon in Lake Forest

Lake Forest

Are you looking for help in changing something about your appearance to match your inner self? You need a trustworthy plastic surgeon in Lake Forest to assist you in achieving your aesthetic goals. No matter if you are looking for a small skin adjustment or complete makeover, the board-certified plastic surgeons at North Shore Aesthetics can walk you through the process. Dr. Schlechter has the experience to achieve the perfect finished look.

What to Look for in a Lake Forest Plastic Surgeon

There are many plastic surgeons around the Lake Forest area. How do you ensure that you choose the right one? Here are a few characteristics you should look for when choosing a plastic surgeon in Lake Forest:

  • Decades of experience in performing a range of procedures
  • Support and resources for patients before, during, and after surgery
  • A friendly and courteous staff
  • Fast and prompt response to questions or concerns
  • Convenient office location

North Shore Aesthetics offers all this and much more to our patients. Call our Lake Forest plastic surgeon at (847) 737-5036 and schedule your appointment today to see for yourself.

About Lake Forest

Lake Forest is a warm community located along the shore of the beautiful Lake Michigan, and is part of the North Shore. Lake Forest is known for its high amount of commercial development along public railway stations. Market Square is the main shopping area with fantastic restaurants. Settler’s Square is a mainly professional district, along with retail and delicious food. North Shore Aesthetics is happy to be the Lake Forest plastic surgeon center residents trust!

For more information about a Lake Forest plastic surgeon, Contact Dr. Schlechter at North Shore Aesthetics. Call us today at (847) 737-5036 to schedule your initial consultation.

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