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Why DIY Lip Plumping Is a Bad Idea

Posted in Injectables

DIY Lip PlumpingLarge, plump lips have always been in style, but the way people have achieved them has changed dramatically over the years. While a few tricks with lip liner and lipstick can create a fuller look, it is hardly a permanent solution. Professional lip plumping procedures can be costly but boast a lasting natural effect. In the era of YouTube and Pinterest, people are sharing their personal tricks for DIY lip plumping. Unfortunately, some of these methods can have damaging, long-term effects on your lips.

The Suction Cup Method

Kylie Jenner recently made headlines for promoting her DIY lip plumping method. The process involves placing a shot glass on your lips and creating suction, pulling the lips into the shot glass. Many women found themselves with sore, bruised, and damaged lips. By cutting off blood circulation to your lips, you can potentially damage the tissue, cause nerve damage, and lead to possible amputation of the lips. You are also at risk of the shot glass shattering into pieces, cutting the lips and face badly. This is one DIY lip plumping method you should never try.

The Cinnamon Method

There are some DIY lip plumping methods that include a scrub and then application of a powdered cinnamon mix. While a gentle exfoliation may feel good, your lips aren’t in need of it. You naturally rid your lips of dead skin as you eat and drink throughout the day. Furthermore, cinnamon powder can be irritating to skin. You may start to feel your lips tingle, but that is a negative skin reaction. Be especially cautious, as some people can be dangerously allergic to cinnamon. This can cause swelling, hives, trouble breathing, and even death. This ineffective method has many more risks than benefits.

If you are considering lip plumping, don’t take a chance with DIY methods. Call North Shore Aesthetics at (847) 393-4770 today.