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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Rhinoplasty

Posted in Rhinoplasty

Questions to Ask Yourself Before RhinoplastyWhen you are considering any type of plastic surgery, you should always do your research, not only about the procedure itself but also your personal motivations for seeking surgical assistance. Dr. Benjamin Schlechter has been performing rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty for more than 21 years. We have had tremendous success with patients of all types, including adult men, women, and adolescent boys and girls. Here are a few questions to ask before considering a rhinoplasty.

What Results Do I Expect?

Before you consider rhinoplasty, you will want to talk to an experienced surgeon about the results you desire and if your expectations are realistic. Surgeons are only able to change what is physically possible with the existing structure of the nose. While Dr. Schlechter can create a beautiful finished result for his clients, it is important that you understand the limitations in what can be accomplished in rhinoplasty and talk it over with your doctor prior to your surgery.

Can I Take the Time Off to Properly Heal?

The recovery time with rhinoplasty has never been faster. With improved technology, you can be back at work in a matter of days, assuming your job is not too physically intensive. Be aware that you may be wearing a nose splint for the first week. If you do not feel comfortable being seen in your supportive splint, you may want to schedule some time off. Do you have the ability to take that time off your work? If you have family obligations, is there anyone who can take over and also act as a caregiver to you in the first day or two? These are things to think about way before your procedure so you can plan accordingly.

How Do I Choose the Right Surgeon?

The most important decision you will make about your rhinoplasty procedure is the surgeon who will perform it. Research your prospective surgeon’s background and take a look at before and after pictures of past patients. Dr. Benjamin Schlechter at North Shore Aesthetics has exceptional skill when it comes to rhinoplasty. He understands the complexities in shaping the nose to ensure you have the finished look you want with optimum functionality.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, contact North Shore Aesthetics today at [phone] to schedule your consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Schlechter.