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Post Weight Loss Surgery 101

Posted in Plastic Surgery News

post weight loss surgeryLosing weight is a huge achievement. While losing excess body fat feels wonderful, many individuals are still not happy with their body. After major weight loss, you may have a lot of loose skin, stretch marks, and still feel self-conscious about your appearance. North Shore Aesthetics helps our patients each and every day feel and look their best. We always want our patients to be well informed about the process and the results you can expect from post weight loss surgery.

What Can Plastic Surgery Do for Me?

Many individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight can experience the frustration of sagging skin getting in the way of their more active lifestyle. Our team at North Shore Aesthetics can help remove the extra skin and create a more toned, trimmed figure. The most popular procedure is our body contouring procedure. During this surgery, you can expect a dramatic reduction in skin. Some patients opt for a tummy tuck or breast lift in addition to the body contouring procedure.

Am I a Good Candidate for Post Weight Loss Surgery?

If you’re within 20 pounds of your weight loss goal, then you can start to educate yourself on post weight loss procedures that may be right for you. Ask yourself the following questions before considering a body lift, tummy tuck, or breast lift procedure:

  • Have I maintained my weight loss for an extended period?
  • Do I still have considerable weight to lose?
  • Am I healthy enough to endure surgery?
  • Am I planning to have children in the near future?

After you have answered these questions, you will want to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. At the consultation, you can discuss your desired look, and go over your surgical options.

If you have lost a considerable amount of weight and would like to discuss post-weight loss surgery options, contact North Shore Aesthetics today. Call 847-393-4770 to make your appointment.