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Submuscular Placement of Breast Implants in Chicago, IL

Breast augmentation uses saline or silicone implants to increase the size and define the shape of naturally small or deflated breasts. Breast implants can be placed above (subglandular) or below (submuscular) the pectoral muscle.

Dr. Schlechter offers submuscular breast augmentation for women in the greater Chicago area.

model covering breast sub muscular

What Is Submuscular Breast Implant Placement?

Submuscular placement of breast implants means that the implants are placed beneath the connective tissue and the pectoral muscle (pectoralis major muscle).

The breast muscle helps to camouflage the implant.

What Are the Benefits of Submuscular Placement?

Submuscular placement of breast implants:

  • Offers greater implant coverage for women with less natural breast tissue
  • Leads to a lower risk of capsular contracture
  • Provides a more natural look
  • Allows for easier mammograms

How is Submuscular Implant Placement Performed?

Breast implants can be placed beneath the muscle through any of the traditional breast implant incisions (inframammary, periareolar, and transaxillary), although the inframammary incision is the most common.

The inframammary incision runs along the crease beneath the breast. This incision placement allows for easy access to the area beneath the pectoralis major muscle, and the breast tissue is not traumatized in any way.

How Much Does Submuscular Breast Augmentation Cost?

The cost of your breast augmentation will vary on many factors, including implant placement, surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, implant selection, pre-surgical tests, and post-surgical dressings.

Dr. Schlechter will give you an accurate cost estimate during your consultation.

Are There Any Downsides to Submuscular Placement?

Submuscular placement is the recommended choice by many breast enhancement surgeons. Although this is an ideal choice, it may not be appropriate for every woman.

The recovery is often a bit longer and more uncomfortable than subglandular placement.

This placement is also not preferable for highly athletic women, such as weightlifters or bodybuilders, because flexing chest muscles may distort the look and integrity of the implant.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about submuscular placement or the difference between submuscular and subglandular placement, contact Dr. Benjamin Schlechter at North Shore Aesthetics by calling (847) 393-4770 or by filling out our online contact form.

Dr. Schlechter performs primary breast augmentation and breast revision surgery for women in Northbrook and the greater Chicago area.