Laser Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening Treatment in Chicago

Laser Fat Reduction Skin Tightening TreatmentAll too often, diet and exercise are not enough to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Bumps and bulges in places like the abdomen, thighs, upper arms and hips often do not respond well to a healthy lifestyle, and they can be very frustrating and embarrassing. Invasive procedures like traditional liposuction are good options for some people with these problems, but they aren’t right for everyone. If you want to get rid of stubborn fat without invasive cosmetic procedures, laser fat reduction with the truSculpt system is an excellent alternative.

Laser Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening with truSculpt

The truSculpt system is a truly revolutionary method of fat reduction. The system uses completely non-invasive radio frequency to get rid of unwanted fat while simultaneously providing some skin tightening. This provides complete body contouring while improving skin tone and reducing the appearance of cellulite. It can be used to treat numerous parts of the body, including areas that do not respond well to other non-invasive systems.

How Does Laser Fat Reduction with truSculpt Work?

Fat reduction with the truSculpt system is performed in your doctor’s office as an outpatient procedure. It is a very comfortable procedure, so typically anesthesia or cooling gels are not required. Your doctor or nurse will use the truSculpt hand held device to deliver pulses of RF energy directly to problem areas. Each pulse lasts an average of four minutes, and then the hand piece is moved to an adjacent location. The temperature is adjustable to ensure your comfort. The RF energy destroys the fat cells, which are then broken down and disposed of through the body’s natural processes. For most patients, a minimum of two treatments are needed in each area to obtain the desired results.

Am I a Candidate for truSculpt?

Because the procedure is non-invasive, it is appropriate for many individuals who are looking to get rid of stubborn excess fat. Most individuals who are in good overall health are candidates for the procedure, but there are some exclusions. The truSculpt system cannot be used on patients who are pregnant or have cardiac pacemakers, metallic implants in the target area, tumors or internal defibrillators.

What is non-surgical (or noninvasive) fat removal?

Often called CoolSculpting or noninvasive body contouring, non-surgical fat removal is a procedure that uses special tools and equipment to make a controlled injury on a small amount of fat in your body. Most plastic surgeons will use one of two tools for this procedure: ultrasound or cold energy, also known as cryolipolysis. Both options allow for outpatient treatment, which means the procedure is consistently successful in its fat reduction and capable of enhancing body contour.

Most of our patients who have this procedure done are looking to get rid of pockets of fat that do not go away. They seem to be immune to all forms of diet and exercise routines. Many patients see these fat deposits in their abdomens, thighs, flanks, and back, and they often choose this particular surgery when they want to look slimmer while avoiding a full surgery procedure. In many ways, this is an easier option.

How much does the average fat removal surgery cost?

The cost of fat removal surgery will depend on the work you want done, the location where it will be performed, and the plastic surgeon performing the work. As this is an electric procedure, insurance will not cover the cost.

The amount of work that must be done will play a major role. If more work must be done, then the procedure will be more expensive. The geographical location can also be a factor; high-end areas tend to charge more.

Your plastic surgeon’s cost will depend on the amount of experience they have. Surgeons with long reputations of success will often charge more for their work, as it is sought after by many patients. With a higher price, however, comes a higher chance of greater results. While there may be some instances when it’s okay to pay a little less, choosing a plastic surgeon is not one of them. Choose a surgeon based on their trust and expertise, not on their price.

How old do you have to be for laser fat removal?

For laser fat removal, most doctors will require that patients be over the age of 18 years old or possibly in their later 20s. this procedure, however, is less about age and more about the condition of the body. If the body is healthy and in good condition, it should respond well to the treatment.

What’s really important to remember is that this procedure is not to be considered an effective weight-loss option. Most patients opt for this procedure only when they have very small volumes of fat left in places on their abdomens, thighs, flanks, and back. If the volume of fat you want to remove is too big, you will require a surgical procedure to see that the job is done right.

Before you decide on laser fat removal, you need to be in good general health and have realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot accomplish.

What preparation is needed before a laser fat removal?

Based on the results you want, your plastic surgeon will provide a set of instructions to be followed before the treatment begins. These pretreatment instructions are important because they will help you achieve the best results from the procedure.

Before the procedure, you should…

  • Quit smoking as soon as possible. Smoking prevents the body from healing quickly.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, as it can lead to increased bleeding. Some anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal medications can also have this effect, so clear them with your surgeon first.
  • Keep yourself hydrated both before and after your procedure to ensure a safe recovery.

Laser fat removal will usually be done on an outpatient basis. This means that you will be able to go home right after the surgery. You will need to arrange for someone to pick you up, as you will not be in any condition to drive. You should also arrange for someone to stay with you for the first night to make sure you’re okay.

Recovery from truSculpt Fat Reduction

There is no downtime following treatment with truSculpt, so you are able to immediately resume your normal activities. You may experience a bit of very mild discomfort in the hours immediately following your appointment. You could also experience redness or sweating. Results will start to become apparent in a few days, but it could take a few months for them to fully develop.

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