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Inframammary Incision Placement for Breast Augmentation in Chicago, IL

Breast augmentation surgery can be an essential element in transforming women’s figures for more youthful, sensual, and confident appearances. However, this enhancement in breast size, shape, curvaceousness, and proportion cannot be achieved without proper incision techniques.

Dr. Schlechter has extensive experience executing all three of the most widely accepted breast augmentation incision techniques: inframammary, transaxillary, and periareolar.

North Shore Aesthetics offers breast augmentation with the inframammary incision for women in the greater Chicago area.

woman holding hear right breast with her hands

What Is the Inframammary Incision?

The inframammary incision is the most prolific incision choice for plastic surgeons throughout the plastic surgery industry.

The ease and simplicity of its execution make it the incision choice with the lowest risk of complications. It is also highly concealable as it is placed under the bottom of the breast between the fold of the breast and the meeting of the rib cage. This proximity to the rest of the breast offers the highest quality of access and control for implant placement, making for some of the most symmetrical and well-composed augmentation results.

The inframammary incision is also highly advantageous for breast implant revision surgery and other subsequent breast surgeries.

What Are the Benefits of the Inframammary Incision?

Inframammary incisions allow for:

  • Easy concealment of scarring beneath bras and bathing suits
  • Ability to reuse the incision for subsequent breast surgeries
  • Precise implant placement above and below the muscle
  • Optimal aesthetic results

Are There Any Disadvantages With the Inframammary Incision?

All forms of surgery carry some risk, including breast augmentation.

The most common complication found with breast implants is capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue around the implant thickens, causing contraction around the breast implant. Scar tissue formation is a normal bodily response to foreign objects in the body, and can even be beneficial in cementing the implant in place; however, this extreme thickening can lead to aesthetic complications and pain.

While this occurrence is based entirely on an individual’s body and their natural healing tendencies, there are ways in which plastic surgeons can mitigate the potential for capsular contracture. Studies have shown that the risk of capsular contracture can vary based on the type of incision used for a particular patient. The inframammary incision is considered to have the lowest rate of capsular contracture and complications in general.

Want to Know More About Breast Implant Incision Types in Chicago?

Dr. Schlechter has over two decades worth of experience performing breast augmentation with the inframammary incision. He is happy to answer your most pressing concerns and questions regarding the preferred incision type for your procedure.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (847) 737-5036 or fill out our online contact form.