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Brenda’s Weight Loss Success Story

Brenda’s Success Story

“My weight loss story: over 60 lbs. weight lost through the Ideal Protein Diet.”

I had a routine annual checkup with my primary care physician. My blood test showed high levels of sugar in my blood. This disturbed my primary care doctor so much that he sat me down and had a heart to heart talk about the serious consequences of continuing on this path of gaining weight and what could happen in ten years by having diabetes. He has dealt with this too often and encouraged me to try to lose at least 10 pounds before my next visit. This talk really struck a chord in me. I really wanted to lose weight but knew that I had to be in the right frame of mind to succeed.

Well, that came on August 14, 2009. I was downsized from my mortgage-banking job. First thing I decided to do was to lose weight while I was laid off. I really had a lot of goals for succeeding. I wanted to look good for my job interviews, my son was getting married in one year, August 20, 2010, and I would be turning 60 in December 2010. I wanted to look and feel great for those reasons.

Setting a Goal for Weight Loss in the Lancaster and Reading Area

I started back at Weight Watchers the next Wednesday. I am a lifetime member so it didn’t cost anything to rejoin. Weight Watchers has a great program for weight loss; however, it seems like the more times you go back, it really gets hard to lose that weight. I wanted to lose 50 pounds by August. It seemed like it should be a piece of cake.

I lost 10 pounds by November and was feeling pretty good. Going to water aerobics at LA Fitness 2 times a week and doing their elliptical machine before the classes. At this rate, I wasn’t going to meet my goal though.

During that time I had my eyes checked and mentioned that my eyelids were extremely droopy and bothering me greatly. I had a test performed and qualified for the operation.

I made an appointment with Dr. Schlechter’s office for a consultation and inquired about other procedures in addition to the eye surgery. I made the decision to have it done thinking that this would help me with my job interviews and for better picture taking for the wedding.

I had the operation completed on November 5. Everything went well, but I didn’t want to leave the house until everything settled down. I stopped Weight Watchers and I was told I could not exercise for some time because of the swelling. I gained all my weight back plus.

Discovering the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Diet in the Reading and Lancaster Area

I had been receiving emails about the Ideal Protein Diet from Dr. Schlechter’s office and thought about it but did not take action. In the meantime, my sister also had her eyelids corrected and received information about the weight loss plan. She mentioned it to me, and we decided to see what this program was all about, since it promised that you would lose 3-5 lbs. a week.

We both went to the information session and decided then and there to give it a try. They spoke about the possibility of being able to get off of some medications. and since it was a low carb diet your blood sugar count was sure to come down. This was exactly what I needed; I knew I was addicted to sugar. We received samples of the food and I really liked the taste of everything.

We set up appointments that night and the following Thursday got weighed in and received our instructions, food for the week, and vitamins. I must say it seemed really strange but I really wasn’t hungry from day one.

I have been able to follow the diet without a problem even when I went out to eat. Sometimes it is a challenge to get the types of vegetables desired in restaurants, but you learn who will deviate from the menu and those restaurants that will not budge.

I met my weight loss goal for my son’s wedding on August 20th and could not believe all the compliments of how great I looked. I actually walked my son down the aisle, and a couple of my sisters didn’t even recognize me at first.

I have lost over 60 lbs. and am following the maintenance program. I was able to go off cholesterol medication, and my sugar count is down. My husband is so proud of me. I was shopping and tried to use the over 55 discount and was questioned about my age. The sales lady could not believe I was old enough for the discount. What a great feeling.

Learn More About “Your Last Diet”

If you’re ready to start your “last diet” and achieve your goal weight loss in the Lancaster and Reading area, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method might be the answer. Providing you with a carefully measured amount of high biological protein, this plan allows you to maintain your muscle mass while your body efficiently burns fat.

Discover the Ideal Weight Loss Method

A highly trained specialist will guide you through every phase of the program. You also benefit from the Stayhealthy® Total Body Composition Management System, an FDA-cleared, personalized health measurement tool that provides details on your lean mass, body fat, and hydration levels through each phase. You lose the fat while maintaining lean mass and hydration.

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