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Posted on: August 6th, 2015
By: editor

To the staff at Spring Ridge Plastic Surgery, I am writing to thank each of you for your care and professionalism I received while under your care!

At 45 years old, I was forced with daunting task of having a medically necessary breast reduction. From the moment I made my initial phone call to schedule my consultation, the entire staff assured me that everything would be okay and I would receive the best care and treatment available.

At my initial consult Dr Schlechter encouraged me and reassured me  I would be okay! He also would be able to make my quality of life improve. Dr Schelchter provided me with all the necessary information and potential risks associated with this procedure enabling me the opportunity to make an educated decision to proceed with the surgery.

Surgery went well and surpassed my expectations! With its success came the reality of thescars that come following a procedure such as this one. At my post operative appointment Dr Schelchter reassured me once again that this to would improve… He was right!

I am now nearly 6 months into recovery… I could not be happier!!! Dr Schelchter is brilliant  and compassionate surgeon! Thanks to Dr Schlechter and his staff for Improving my quality of life!



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