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Plastic Surgeon in Evanston


In Evanston, IL, our customers often have a similar mindset: they want to enjoy the suburb life while still having close proximity to the city. That’s a great way to tackle most things, to find a place in which you get the best of both worlds. We tend to think of plastic surgery in the same mindset.

When you enlist the Evanston plastic surgeon team at North Shore Aesthetics, you invest in several things that encompass the best of both worlds:

  • A top doctor with 20 years of experience, who also offers a down-to-earth environment
  • The expertise of a surgery center in a convenient and accessible location
  • Options for skin rejuvenation alongside more invasive procedures
  • A full-scale and thorough consultation

Whatever option you choose to have performed by our top plastic surgeon in Evanston, make sure you feel comfortable with the decision. That’s our number one aim for our patients.

What We Offer & How That Differs From the Rest

A major benefit you receive when you consult services from our Evanston plastic surgeon and his team is a multi-faceted approach. Whether it is a breast lift, a rhinoplasty, or even a skin rejuvenation procedure, we look to the individual first. We see what techniques you have questions about, we answer your concerns, and we ask you what outcome you desire. We ensure, no matter the procedure, that you’re really getting the best of both worlds: a new look but on the same you.

About Evanston

Within our community, you can really take advantage of both the city and the suburbs at the same time. For example, Northwestern University is here, which makes Evanston a perfect place for college students to get their start. Additionally, it meets up with Lake Michigan, which always provides for a nice nearby day trip. And finally, it’s known for its awesome educational community, with plenty of public schools and libraries to meet any need.

Contact our team for your Evanston plastic surgery. The North Shore Aesthetics team focuses on patient-centered care, making your goals our goals. (847) 737-5036

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