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Common Misconceptions About the Mommy Makeover

While becoming a mother brings immeasurable joy and many beautiful experiences, the effect it has on your body is not always positive. Between the stubborn fat, sagging skin, drooping breasts, and stretch marks, pregnancy and nursing can often lead you to believe that you were given an entirely new body.

Profile of a pregnant woman in yellow dress holding her belly

For years, women have been turning to plastic surgery to regain their pre-pregnancy physique through a set of procedures known as the Mommy Makeover.

A Mommy Makeover can address multiple areas of a woman’s body during one surgery. The  most common procedures included in the Mommy Makeover are:

Although a Mommy Makeover can do wonders for a woman’s body, there are some common misconceptions about this procedure.

A Mommy Makeover Isn’t for Weight Loss

One of the most common misconceptions for the Mommy Makeover (and plastic surgery in general) is that it is an alternative to weight loss. Plastic surgery procedures, including liposuction and tummy tucks, will tone your body and sculpt your physique, but they are not a substitute for diet and exercise. The transformation you will get through a Mommy Makeover is not one that will be substantially noticeable on the scale; it will, however, improve your confidence by helping you to reclaim your ideal body.

A Mommy Makeover Isn’t Just for Moms

Although a Mommy Makeover focuses on problems caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding, this procedure can benefit any woman. Many women prefer the Mommy Makeover because it can target multiple areas of the body during one surgery and requires only one recovery.

A Mommy Makeover Can’t Turn Back Time

While the Mommy Makeover can provide stunning, natural-looking results, it can’t make you look like you are 20 again. There are limitations to what a Mommy Makeover can do. That said, as long as you go into surgery with realistic expectations, you can leave the journey feeling more rejuvenated and better than you could have ever imagined. Your procedures will result in tighter skin, sculpted contours, firmer and lifted breasts, and an overall increase in confidence.

If you are considering Mommy Makeover surgery, call Dr. Schlechter at 847-737-5036. Our team at North Shore Aesthetics look forward to guiding you on your cosmetic surgery journey.

A Breast Lift for Large Breasts

Aging, weight loss, and pregnancy are not the only factors that can lead to breast sagging. Large breasts can sag prematurely due to the pull of gravity on the sheer weight of the breast tissue. A breast lift can improve the appearance of the breasts by repositioning the breasts higher on the chest wall.

Dr. Benjamin Schlechter - Breast Lift Before and After Photo

Premature Breast Sagging

Over time, all women can expect some degree of breast sagging. The skin loses elasticity and becomes lax with age, and the weight of the tissues is gradually pulled down by gravity. Premature breast sagging is when breast sagging occurs at an accelerated rate or at a younger-than-expected age. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy, nursing, and an overly large bust size can all lead to premature breast sagging.

How a Breast Lift Can Help

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that lifts sagging, shapeless breasts and reforms them so that they look and feel youthful, perky, and round. Dr. Schlechter has performed numerous breast lift procedures to rejuvenate patients’ appearances. Using an incision technique selected specifically for your needs, Dr. Schlechter will do some or all of the following to improve the appearance of your breasts:

  • Remove sagging, excess skin from around the nipple/areolar complexes
  • Remove sagging, excess skin from the lower breast poles
  • Relocate the nipple/areolar complexes higher on the breasts
  • Reshape the breasts so that they are rounder and more youthful
  • Tighten the remaining skin around the breast tissue to improve breast firmness

Getting a Breast Reduction With Your Breast Lift

If you have premature breast sagging from overly large breasts, you may also suffer from chronic pain or other unpleasant symptoms associated with having oversized breasts. If desired, a breast reduction can be performed with your breast lift to decrease your breast size. During the procedure, Dr. Schlechter will remove excess breast tissue in addition to sagging skin, making the breasts smaller and more lifted at the same time. Getting a breast reduction with your breast lift can alleviate symptoms and reduce the rate of future breast sagging.

Oversized breasts can cause chronic pain, rashes, chafing, premature sagging, self-consciousness, and myriad other issues. Schedule your consultation for breast lift surgery with or without breast reduction to learn how cosmetic surgery could help you. Dr. Benjamin Schlechter is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. He would be more than happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. To request your personal consultation with Dr. Schlechter, please call (847) 737-5036 or contact us online today.

How Much Breast Asymmetry Is Normal?

Breast asymmetry is far more common than most people realize. In fact, it is believed that virtually all women have some degree of breast asymmetry. For many women, this asymmetry is so slight that it is barely noticeable, or it may not be noticeable at all. Others are not so fortunate, and their pronounced breast asymmetry affects them physically and/or emotionally. If your breast asymmetry bothers you, breast surgery can help you achieve a more balanced and natural-looking bust line.

Before and After Photos of a Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

When to Consider Surgery

Breast asymmetry is usually a difference in size or volume. If there is only a slight difference, this may be unnoticeable most or all of the time. However, some women’s breasts can differ in size by more than a cup and may be noticeable even to strangers. Additionally, some women’s breasts may differ in shape or may go through changes during pregnancy, nursing, and aging that lead to asymmetry. For example, aging breasts may sag at different rates, leading to one sagging noticeably lower than the other. In some cases, asymmetry can be attributed to breast augmentation. If a plastic surgeon does not account for natural asymmetry, it can become more pronounced after inserting breast implants. Surgical complications that may arise after breast augmentation can cause noticeable aesthetic changes to one breast only. No matter the cause, if the differences between your breasts are distressing to you, consider scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options for achieving a more even breast appearance.

Your Surgical Options

Breast asymmetry can be corrected through breast surgery. There are several surgical approaches that can help you achieve breast symmetry:

  • Breast Augmentation: Dr. Schlechter can insert an implant into the smaller breast or differently sized implants into both breasts to balance them out. This approach will increase the size of the breasts and can also improve their shape.
  • Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer: Dr. Schlechter can extract excess fat from an area of the body and inject it into the smaller breast to boost its size. This approach can be successful for those with minor asymmetry (i.e., less than one cup size difference), but it is more difficult to rely on as a correction for breast asymmetry because the amount of fat that will successfully graft into the breast tissue is variable.
  • Breast Lift: Dr. Schlechter can perform a breast lift to reshape and reposition the breasts so that they appear youthful and balanced. This approach is best for women whose breasts are sagging, especially if their sagging is uneven.
  • Breast Reduction: Dr. Schlechter can surgically remove excess breast tissue to reduce the size of just the larger breast or both breasts. This approach is best for women whose overly large breasts cause them emotional or physical discomfort.
  • Breast Revision: Dr. Schlechter can perform breast revision to correct asymmetry caused by surgical complications from breast augmentation, such as implant deflation or capsular contracture. This approach improves the condition of the breasts and balances out their appearance.

Breast surgery can correct breast asymmetry and help women achieve a more natural, even, and aesthetically pleasing breast appearance. To learn more about your options, schedule your personal consultation with our experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Schlechter. Please call (847) 737-5036 or contact us online to request your appointment today.