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Excessive Sweating – Hyperhidrosis In Chicago

The embarrassment of sweat-stained clothes and can be enough for some to shy away from social settings or from having a job that involves interacting with others. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is debilitating for many people. Some hyperhidrosis sufferers need to change their clothes several times each day just to keep dry. In the past, Botox can be used to inject the sweat glands and to prevent sweating, but treatment with Botox costs about $1000 and only lasts six months to a year. Luckily technology has come along that virtually eliminates the problem of excessive sweating. The PrecisionTx Laser is FDA approved for the ablation of axillary sweat glands, enabling hyperhidrosis sufferers to say goodbye to sweat-stained shirts once and for all.

Am I a Good Candidate Hyperhidrosis to Correct My Excessive Sweating?

Do you wear dark colored shirts 365 days a year no matter the temperature because you are too ashamed of the sweat stains that would be too noticeable otherwise? Do you avoid social gatherings because you want to avoid having to change your clothing throughout the event? Have you been spending a lot of your money on Botox injection to keep your perspiration under control only to have the Botox wear off so that you are back to square one? Are you ready for a one-time, minimally evasive, office procedure that will change your life? If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement to any or all of these questions, you may be a great candidate for PrecisionTx sweat gland ablation. Of course, only the doctor can determine your candidacy for the procedure; so that is why we invite you to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to see if the PrecisionTx is right for you.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in our state licensed surgical suite. The doctor will administer lidocaine to numb the area. Next, the process involves making a tiny incision in each axilla (armpit); then a thin cannula with a laser tip is inserted directly underneath the skin to emit wavelengths of energy that destroy the sweat glands. Once the carefully monitored number of joules is introduced into the area, the procedure is finished. The incisions are so small that they are not even sutured. The entire procedure takes less than an hour from start to finish.

The Recovery

When you leave our Chicago and Northbrook office, you will have a sterile dressing over the tiny incisions and you may have a bit of drainage coming from those areas. The drainage may last a few hours. There is some soreness for a few days, and you will be prescribed pain medication for the discomfort. Along with the pain medication, an antibiotic is also prescribed as a prophylactic measure to guard against infection. You will find that this one PrecisionTx sweat gland ablation treatment process will eliminate or significantly reduces sweating in the armpits and that, as with most people who have had this procedure, you can return to work the following day.


Don’t I need my underarm sweat glands?

Your body contains over 4 million sweat glands, with only about 2% located in the underarms. Eliminating this 2% will not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

How long will the results last?

The results are lasting because the sweat glands do not come back or regenerate after they have been eliminated.

Is the PrecisionTx ablation of axillary sweat glands covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, at this time the procedure is not covered by insurance, as there are other treatments available such as topical antiperspirants that can help reduce some of the excessive sweating.

Terms to Know

Axillary – related to in or near the armpit

Joule – a unit of energy or heat

Lidocaine – is a local anesthetic (numbing medication). It works by blocking nerve signals in your body

Sweat Gland Ablation – a medical procedure that involves the destruction of the eccrine glands in the armpits

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